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Short Term Health Plans

What are Short-Term Medical Plans?

What are Short-Term Medical Plans?

When circumstances leave you temporarily uninsured, short-term medical insurance helps protect you during coverage gaps.

Short-term insurance plans provide coverage during life transitions. When you are between group insurance or individual major medical policies, short-term insurance helps pay for covered medical expenses due to unexpected illnesses or injuries. Covered expenses include diagnostic physician visits, emergency room treatment, hospital stays, surgery, intensive care and more.

Short-term plans can fit your budget and meet your needs, they are customizable, as one of our Agents here at Landmark Insurance & Financial Group, can help you select from various benefit levels which best meet your insurance needs and budget.  They are also convenient.  Coverage can begin as early as the day following your online application. Policy forms and ID cards, as well as claims administration, are all available online.

Call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable Agents to see if a short-term medical plan is right for you!

Is a Short-Term Medical Plan the Right Fit for my Family?

Consider a short-term policy if you:

  • Have missed the open enrollment period and are not eligible for special enrollment under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Are waiting for your ACA coverage to start
  • Are looking for coverage to bridge you to Medicare
  • Are waiting for health insurance benefits to begin at a new job

**These products are not considered Minimal Essential Coverage as defined by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Short term medical insurance plans can have low deductibles and out of pocket maximums, provide options that are affordable and that can meet your everyday medical care needs—ensuring you’ll never miss out on medical care because of high deductibles.


ACA-compliant medical plans are guaranteed issue, meaning you cannot be denied coverage based on your health history. Short-term medical plans are underwritten, which means you must answer a series of medical questions when applying for coverage. Based on your answers, you may be declined for coverage.

There are also Pre-Existing Condition Limitations:

Pre-existing condition limitation and definition:

A pre-existing condition is defined as any medical condition or sickness for which medical advice, care, diagnosis, treatment,
consultation or medication was recommended or received from a doctor within five years immediately preceding the covered
persons’ effective date of coverage; or symptoms within the five years immediately prior to the coverage that would cause a
reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment.** Consultation means evaluation, diagnosis, or medical advice was given
with or without a personal examination or visit.   However, qualifying conditions you develop throughout the year while insured by a short-term plan could be covered. Certain exclusions apply.

*Definition varies by state.

COVID-19 Update from our Short-Term Health Carriers

Independence Holding Company

Independence American Insurance Company (IAIC) announced today that in an effort to provide protection and peace of mind to its insureds during the COVID-19 outbreak will, effective immediately, waive certain cost sharing provisions on its Short-Term Medical plans (STM) in order to remove financial barriers to COVID-19 testing.

As a part of its efforts, IAIC will

  • Waive all insured cost sharing, including deductibles, copays and coinsurance, for:
  • The COVID-19 diagnostic test; and  COVID-19 diagnostic related services, including the related office, emergency or urgent care visit. 
  • Waive any preauthorization requirements related to COVID-19 testing.

Pivot health/ Companion Health

To reduce the possibility that symptomatic STM insureds forego testing for COVID-19, we will:

  • Waive cost sharing, including copays, coinsurance and deductibles
  • For COVID-19 diagnostic testing when recommended by the insured’s attending Physician in accordance with CDC and FDA guidelines. 
  • Pre-authorization is not required by us for diagnostic services related to COVID-19 testing. 
  • For insureds diagnosed with COVID-19, the Company will promptly pay claims for treatment in accordance with the terms of the policy.