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Health Insurance: A Necessity

Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

  • One of the leading causes of bankruptcy is medical debt.
  • Health Insurance is a necessity in today’s world when it comes to safeguarding you and your family emotionally and financially.
  • Having the proper coverage at a reasonable cost can protect you from the economic hardships that can arise if you or a family member becomes ill or is disabled.
  • For businesses, this means providing the right health benefit packages for your employees; reassuring your workers that they are protected.

At Landmark Insurance & Financial Group our Life and Health Agents continually educate themselves in order to keep up with the ever changing health care reform and are committed to offering the best health insurance options available. Our agents specialize in Individual Health Plans, including Vision, Dental, and Supplemental insurance, as well as Group Benefit Plans.

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About ACA or Obamacare

In 2014 the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, which required that all Americans have some form of insurance that provides at least the minimal essential coverage. To obtain this coverage, the Insurance Marketplace was created, a place where you can “shop” for a health insurance plan at your leisure, or your own risk. Click Here to learn more about Obamacare.

Visit our 2021 Limits Page to learn about ACA Plans and their income limits.

Confused About Health Insurance? We Can Help!

Talking with an insurance Agent from Landmark Insurance & Financial Group can take the mystery out of health insurance. We'll help you understand what’s covered and what isn’t while making sure you have all the coverage you need to protect you, your family and your employees.

Plus, working with an independent agent may help you save money on health insurance. That’s because we are an Independent Agency and can "shop" around for rates from dozens of different companies and find the best deal for you! Call now, or CLICK HERE to make an appointment online! 

Some of the most common questions clients ask out Team here at Landmark Insurance & Financial Group are:

  • Am I required to buy Health Insurance?
  • Am I eligible for a tax credit?
  • What are the benefits of an HSA Plan?
  • What are the alternatives to Obamacare?
  • If I am self-employed, how do I determine my tax credit?
  • And, how does Obamacare affect my children’s health coverage?

If you have these questions, you are not alone.

This is where our knowledgeable Health Care Agents come in; it is not YOUR job to be an expert on extended coverage policies or tax credits, to know that all plans must provide free preventative care, and that you can NOT be turned away for a pre-existing condition.

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