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Investment Advisory Services

Our Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach

We build durable portfolios that have long term predictable outcomes. We design portfolios and strategies to skillfully navigate our clients through changing markets.  We identify your specific goals and then determine the best way to achieve each goal by looking holistically at your entire portfolio. We seek to provide you with returns that are consistent, competitive and in line with your financial objectives. We strive to create portfolios that only take the level of risk needed to meet your goals, and we limit that risk by focusing on broad diversification and a disciplined approach.

The following components are key to our investment approach:

  • Customized Goals Based Approach
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Strategic Approach
  • Managing Risk
  • Incorporating the Impact of Taxes
  • Monitoring, Meeting, & Reporting

*Advisory Representative offering Investments & Advisory services through Lincoln Financial Securities, Member SIPC

Licensed to sell securities in the following states:

Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, Arkansas

Our Approach towards Your Future

Customized Goals based Approach: We Begin with a simple conversation regarding your financial goals.  Your time horizon, income needs, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tax sensitivity and the overall purpose and growth objectives of what you want to see your funds achieve.

Portfolio Assessment: Once we have a clear understanding of what your needs are, we begin an assessment of your portfolio and all existing investments. 

Asset Allocation: We build your portfolio by matching your risk tolerance with the asset allocation that is right for you. 

Portfolio Diversification: Each portfolio is designed to provide growth consistent with your goals.  

Strategic Approach: Our main approach to each investment is designed for long term investment, however, we also utilize smaller holdings that tend to be shorter term investments with higher volatility as well. Together these strategies deliver consistent performance. 

Managing Risk: We focus on volatility, downside risk and broad exposure and measure these for all of our client portfolios.  

Incorporating the Impact of Taxes: We construct portfolios to minimize the impact of taxes by considering the differences between the types of accounts that a client may hold.  Each type of account may have differing tax considerations, so it is important that a comprehensive tax strategy exist across all accounts. 

Performance Measurement: Investment returns are monitored continuously and customized reports are prepared and distributed to you with a face to face meeting. 

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