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Dave Ramsey

The name Dave Ramsey and smart personal finances are almost synonymous. Dave Ramsey is the author of several books about paying off personal debts, avoiding going into debt, and making intelligent financial decisions for the future. Millions of people have attended his seminars and taken his lessons to achieve financial success. Perhaps for many, the accessibility of Ramsey's tips — even for people who struggle to make ends meet — is what's made him so popular today.

Dave Ramsey's organization helps people in different communities find investors and financial advisors who follow his personal finance practices, designating them as an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). Whether you need help with debt, personal finance, wealth management, or retirement planning, a Ramsey Trusted ELP in your area can help. Here's how:

<b>What Is an ELP?</b>

What Is an ELP?

ELP stands for Endorsed Local Provider and indicates a professional who has completed the course from Ramsey Solutions, a Biblically-based, common-sense approach to debt reduction, insurance, and personal finance. Choosing a financial advisor who is an ELP means you enjoy that standard of excellence.

ELPs may be in the field of personal finance, insurance, taxes, or real estate. When a professional is affiliated with the ELP program, they can network with others and refer clients who want to follow the Dave Ramsey approach to personal finance. For clients who want professional advice for life insurance, retirement planning, or purchasing a house, the ELP program makes it easy to find a service provider that meshes with their wealth management strategies.

What Is Ramsey Trusted?

Ramsey Trusted is a free service that puts people in contact with certified ELPs in their area, including individuals or families who need help working Ramsey's "Baby Steps" program. Personal consultations with a Ramsey Trusted ELP advise people just starting out with Dave Ramsey's debt reduction and personal finance programs.

Many Ramsey Trusted ELP providers specialize or are licensed in one of several categories, so individuals may have a whole ELP team to help them with their overall wealth management. 

Each Ramsey Trusted ELP is fully vetted by Dave Ramsey's organization, both for their professional certifications and their alignment with the goals and philosophy of Dave Ramsey's program. A Ramsey Trusted advisor may be their best option for people who center their financial planning around the same philosophy.

<b>What Is a SmartVestor Pro?</b>

What Is a SmartVestor Pro?

SmartVestor PRO™ representatives are committed to educating and empowering their clients. They don't just make unilateral decisions about a client's investment portfolio but rather shop around to find the best combination of investments to help people reach their goals.

Dave Ramsey's team has carefully vetted these financial advisors. For many new investors, determining which advisor is right for them can be complicated. With the SmartVestor PRO™ program, however, the decision can be much easier for some.

SmartVestor PRO™ representatives can help clients decide which stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to invest in, whether or not to invest in cryptocurrency and even real estate investments. Part of the investment planning process with your SmartVestor PRO™ advisor involves teaching. Clients learn about the differences between types of investments, the returns, and what it all means for their financial planning.

Your investment advisor will also help you build a plan to realize future dreams, whether it's opening your own business, retiring early, or leaving income behind for your children or spouse. They're also required to follow a set Code of Conduct, including professional ethics and adhering to Dave Ramsey's financial principles.

What Does All of This Mean for Me?

If you're new to financial planning but want to learn more, the Dave Ramsey ELP approach may be the best. Because these financial planners, real estate agents, and insurance representatives provide education in addition to their professional services, you make financial decisions from a solid foundation of knowledge. For people who follow a Biblically-based lifestyle, finding financial planners who also embrace that philosophy can make them feel more comfortable. Finally, the strict code of ethics and conduct that certified ELPs must follow can help clients invest confidently.