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Critical Illness Insurance

No one plans on it, but critical Illness can strike at any time. We all know of someone who has been touched by a serious illness. What you don’t hear is how the financial strain can have just as big an impact as the actual illness during such a trying time.

A typical Health insurance Plan may cover some health care costs, but the patient and family may be left with the challenge of paying the everyday living expenses while out of work. Here at Landmark Insurance & Financial Group we offer Critical Illness Insurance to protect you for the future.

Critical Illness Insurance is meant to ease the financial burden of a serious illness by providing a lump-sum cash benefit to help you pay for additional costs related to your illness that are not covered by your regular Health Insurance Plan or Disability Coverage. Plans can be purchased starting at as low as $20/month. Can you afford not to protect your future both health and financially?

Depending on your policy, the coverage can be used for:

  • Deductibles
  • Out of Network Specialists
  • Travel and Lodging When Treatment is Far From Home
  • Experimental Treatment, Usually Related to Cancer Therapy
  • Child Care & Household Help
  • Normal Living Expenses (ie: Car Payment, Utility Bills, Groceries)

Call Landmark Insurance today and learn how you can protect your future.